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Dean and Susan
Vineyard and Farm

1202 Lillards
Ford Rd.
Brightwood, VA
(540) 948-6845

Meet our friendly
greeter and
herding dog,

Meet Penny, our wonderful Jersey cow.  We milk her once a day and are enjoying the best milk, yogurt and cheese imaginable!  She is nearly 100% grass fed - she just gets a little grain at milking time - so her milk has a healthful balance of omega 3 and omega 6 fats.  She is also an A2/A2 cow, meaning that her milk has only the A2 proteins (the same as sheep, goat and human milk).  This type of protein is more digestible for many people than the A1 proteins found in commercial milk in the United States.  The gallon plus of milk that Penny gives us each day is a daily miracle!

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