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We are raising a small flock of Tunis sheep.  This breed was imported from North Africa around the time of the birth of the US Constitution.  They were the predominant sheep in Virginia until the Civil War.  These dual-purpose meat and wool sheep are very well suited to the Mid-Atlantic climate.  Their medium staple down wool is popular with hand spinners. The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy monitors the breed in "Watch" status.

Learn more about the breed and its history on the ALBC Tunis sheep web page.  Tunis are one of only four breeds of sheep listed in the Slow Foods "Arc of Taste."  To qualify for the US Ark of Taste, food products must be of outstanding taste, at risk biologically or as culinary tradition, sustainably produced, culturally or historically linked and produced in limited quantities. The meat from the Tunis sheep is tender and flavorful without having a strong mutton taste.

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