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Dean and Susan
Vineyard and Farm

1202 Lillards
Ford Rd.
Brightwood, VA
(540) 948-6845

Meet our friendly
greeter and
herding dog,

We grow a wide variety of vegetables for sale at farmers markets and through our Winter CSA. Our vegetable offerings include baby salad mix year-round, a wide range of Italian heirloom vegetables, heirloom tomatoes and okra, summer and winter squash, swiss chard, kales, Asian greens, onions, garlic and root vegetables.

We are constantly taking steps to improve the quality of our soil and the diversity of our beneficial soil microbes. We have found that this makes for healthier, more resilient, pest and disease resistant plants, and delicious, nutrient dense vegetables.

We also grow many culinary and medicinal herbs and try to have flowers blooming throughout our vegetable gardens for most of the growing season. The flowers (and also the herbs when they flower) attract beneficial insects that help to keep damaging insects in check.

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